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ChemCheck Handbook

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The ChemCheck Handbook is the most extensive, easy-to-use, quality-controlled reference available for hazardous chemicals and their governing regulations. Designed to assist in determining which of the many federal and state regulations apply to various hazardous chemicals, the Handbook is an indispensible resource for environmental compliance professionals, process engineers, industrial hygienists, purchasing agents, safety managers, and others who work with chemicals.

Please note that this publication is no longer being updated.

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  • Covers more than 4,500 unique chemicals, describing their related physical and chemical characteristics and listing the regulations that govern each
  • Includes information on both federal and leading state regulations
  • Searchable by chemical name, synonym, family name, or CASE (Chemical Abstracts Service) registration number
  • Assists in developing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Topic Areas

  • Air (Clean Air Act)
  • Hazardous waste (RCRA)
  • Homeland Security Act (DHS Section 550 Facility Anti-Terrorism Regulations (CFATS))
  • Pesticides (FIFRA)
  • Superfund and emergency planning (Superfund and SARA Title III)
  • Transportation (DOT Hazardous Materials classification)
  • TSCA (PAIR) reporting
  • Water (Clean Water Act)
  • Workplace (OSHA and National Toxicology Program)


Matrix Format Includes dozens of regulation-specific lists covering more than 4,500 unique chemicals in handy multi-list matrices, enabling users to determine at a glance the many regulations that apply to each chemical in use (over 12,000 cross-references in total)
Information for Leading States Incorporates state matrices that complement federal material for California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas

Other Formats

This product is only available in loose-leaf format.

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