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Directors' and Officers' Liability

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Directors’ and Officers’ Liability identifies the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers at for-profit and non-profit organizations, and provides information on how they can avoid directors' and officers' liability in the USA, and minimize personal risk. This is a valuable resource which covers the expanding parameters of directors’ and officers’ liability to minimize personal liability under statutory and regulatory schemes, as well as reinterpretations of traditional corporate governance requirements.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability is used by a broad cross-section of the business community, including directors, officers, trustees, corporate counsel, attorneys, accountants, and risk managers.

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  • Written in plain language
  • Provides a comprehensive, authoritative analysis of pertinent federal and leading-state laws and precedents on directors' and officers' liability in the USA
  • Highlights emerging issues
  • Covers provisions of the Model Business Corporation Act
  • Identifies provisions in states that use significantly different approaches to directors' and officers' liability
  • Assists directors in avoiding criminal and civil sanctions in areas such as environmental law, worker safety, and civil rights facilitated by use of the Do’s and Don’ts checklists

Topic Areas

  • Corporate structure
  • Duties
  • Financial responsibility
  • Insurance
  • Liability
  • Limited liability corporations
  • Limited liability limited partnerships
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Limited partnership associations
  • Limited partnerships
  • Minimizing the risks
  • Non-profit corporations
  • Nontraditional considerations (sentencing, RICO, Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine)
  • Responsibilities to employees (wages, pension and benefits, immigration controls, worker protection)
  • Responsibilities to the environment
  • Responsibilities to the marketplace
  • Risk management
  • Securities laws


Extensive FootnotesIncorporates footnote citations to laws, regulations, and court cases
Author NotesProvide practical tips in the form of notes which that help to clearly distinguish the company's responsibilities from those of individual directors and officers
AppendicesIncludes Executive Protection sample insurance policies and indemnity agreements

Other Formats

Loose-leaf paper format may also be available for some publications. Contact us or call 1-800-251-0381 for inquiries.
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