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Environmental Auditing: FIFRA Compliance Guide

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The Environmental Auditing – FIFRA Compliance Guide helps businesses ensure compliance with the hundreds of complex regulatory requirements of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). 

Included FIFRA audit checklists are able to be customized to a specific industry, company or facility by using the built-in applicability tool to select only relevant FIFRA regulations.  Detailed procedural instructions facilitate accurate environmental compliance audits, as well as appropriate responses and actions to non-compliances.

This FIFRA guide is an indispensable resource for those who register, manufacture, process, refill, repackage, use, store, apply, or contract to apply FIFRA-regulated pesticide products anywhere in the United States.

The Environmental Auditing – FIFRA Compliance Guide is used by corporate environmental managers, auditors, grounds and parks managers within cities and towns, manufacturers, agricultural co-operatives, airport authorities, cemeteries and more.

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  • Provides a comprehensive protocol for FIFRA compliance
  • Facilitates demonstration of due diligence
  • Serves as a concise reference for information on FIFRA regulatory issues, EPA interpretations and guidance, facility compliance responsibilities, and good management practices
  • Includes current procedural checklists, developed and used by STC auditors, to help ensure that audits identify all regulatory challenges facing a facility
  • Enables customization of audits through use of Applicability Tables
  • Allows experienced auditors to expedite an inquiry and less experienced auditors to review details as needed
  • Provides more in-depth and comprehensive coverage than other guides on the market

Topic Areas

  • General requirements and storage (GMP and NFPA)
  • Pesticide containers (30 CFR Parts 156 and 165)
  • Producers and refillers (30 CFR Parts 167 and 169)
  • Worker protection (30 CFR Part 170)
  • Pesticide containment structures (30 CFR Part 165)
  • Federal applicator certification (30 CFR Part 171)


Applicability TablesApplicability Tables facilitate quick and easy determination of which regulations and sections of the checklists apply to specific facility operations
Pre-Audit PreparationLists materials to be reviewed before conducting an audit
RulebookProvides comprehensive, detailed requirement statements, with guidance on compliance issues and inspection procedures and practices
ScoresheetEnable quick recording of a facility’s compliance status for each requirement. Additional features include Customizable Scoresheets in Microsoft Word® and Excel®.

Other Formats

Loose-leaf paper format may also be available for some publications. Contact us or call 1-800-251-0381 for inquiries.
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