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Federal Toxics Program Commentary

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The Federal Toxics Program Commentary is a quick-reference that provides an overview of hazardous waste regulations and discusses how the various laws interact. It offers easy access to hazardous waste and toxics legislation on a national level, as well as indicating which states have their own programs and provides supplements that assist users in finding relevant state agencies if further information is required. 

This guide informs and directs users on proper environmental waste management, including acceptable hazardous waste disposal practices.

A Matrix Wall Chart provides a hazardous materials table with easy access for all employees, categorizes the laws down the left and details their application across the top. The application headings include items such as Implementing Agencies, Key Deadlines, Permitting Inspections, Data Management Requirements, Public Participation and more.

A state-specific Hazardous Materials Commentary: California Guide covers the Federal and CA-specific legislation.

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  • Consolidates a broad range of environmental, health and safety information into one resource
  • Summarizes a broad array of laws and regulations, including RCRA, CERCLA, EPCRA, the OSHA Act, TSCA, CAA, HMTA, HSWA, SARA, FIFRA, AHERA, CWA, SDWA, the Homeland Security Act, and the USA PATRIOT Act
  • Discusses how various laws and regulations interact
  • Includes useful Appendices as listed in the Features section below including a Chronology of Action Dates for Toxics Management Laws.

Topic Areas

  • Air quality
  • Asbestos
  • Cleanup/Superfund
  • Emergency planning
  • Facility siting
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Medical waste
  • Pesticides
  • Pollution prevention
  • Right-to-know
  • Risk management
  • Safe drinking water regulation
  • Security
  • Storage tank regulations
  • Toxic substance labeling
  • Transportation
  • Waste reduction/ pretreatment
  • Water quality
  • Worker safety


Includes Appendices that offer information on:

  • State Emergency Response Commissions
  • (OSHA) States with Approval Plans
  • OSHA Regional and Area Offices
  • EPA Headquarters and Regional Offices
  • State Agencies with Primary Responsibility for Pesticides
  • States and Territories: Underground Storage Tank Program
  • Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Programs
  • State Hazardous Waste Contacts
  • State Pretreatment Program Status
  • EPA Regional Pollution Prevention Coordinators List
  • State NPDES Program Status
  • State Wastewater Permitting Agencies
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Divisions and Districts
  • State Air Pollution Control Agencies
  • Small Business Assistance Programs
  • Medical Waste Contacts
  • State Homeland Security Contacts
  • Chronology of Action Dates for Toxics Management Laws

Other Formats

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