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STP Xcelerator

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STP Xcelerator is an Excel®-based tool that lets you easily collect, report, archive and share your audit findings. Specialty Technical Publishers' suite of online U.S. environmental, health and safety, transportation, industry-specific audit publications and international audit protocols utilize customizable scoresheets that are STP Xcelerator enabled.

  • Easily capture audit status, observations and recommendations in one document.
  • Access the Results Dashboard after assigning compliance scores for each audit question.
  • Generate an "at-a-glance" Compliance Result Report.
  • Produce a Corrective Action Report showing which audit issues are still outstanding to ensure compliance.
  • Save to your local drive and share through email.

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Availability: Available with online EH&S publications.


  • Aligned with the topic module title in the corresponding EHS publication.
  • Fast and easy recording of audit findings.
  • Summarizes compliance status as Comply/Does Not Comply/N/A.
  • Visual display of compliance vs. non-compliance for each topic, module and individual subtopic.
  • Allows customized viewing, filtering  and scoring.
  • Easy to save and share via email with colleagues.

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