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The Complete Guide to Environmental Law

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The Complete Guide to Environmental Law offers a comprehensive review of hazardous materials liability and enforcement, examining federal laws and regulations in detail. This environmental law handbook is presented in clear language to meet the needs of professionals who are responsible for translating legal and technical jargon into workable programs. The Guide provides an accurate map of the complex and ever-changing field of federal environmental law.

This comprehensive environmental law handbook is written primarily for attorneys by attorneys, and is well used by corporate counsel and senior executives in corporations, accounting and engineering firms as well as by law professors and their students.

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  • Explains complex environmental laws and how they relate to each other
  • Interprets the specific requirements of each significant federal law
  • Provides details about the application of current legislation, including enforcement penalties
  • Examines overlapping and inconsistent requirements of different laws
  • Discusses precedent-setting cases and how they illustrate points of law
  • Covers implications of training requirements, new pollution control technologies, right-to-know provisions, and expanding facility and homeland security developments
  • Outlines compliance  requirements and deadlines
  • Is well cross-referenced to US Codes, Federal CFRs, and the Federal Register
  • Includes useful supplementary materials

Topic Areas

  • Air quality regulation and emission monitoring  
  • Cleanup of toxic contamination, under Superfund, including Brownfield re-development 
  • Emergency planning, prevention and accidental release prevention
  • Facility and homeland security, safety analysis, and counter-terrorism programs
  • Pollution prevention
  • Regulation of toxic chemicals addressing pesticides, petroleum, lead radon, and asbestos, with additional information on Green Guides, and labeling
  • Transportation of hazardous materials, security plans, emergency response,  and liability
  • Waste management including hazardous, non-hazardous, and medical waste  
  • Water quality        
  • Worker protection, emergency planning, hazard communication, and HAZWOPER


Supplementary MaterialMatrix Wall Chart outlines laws and regulations by topic and provides information about implementing agencies and funding
Additional Chapters CoverComprehensive citation indices, forms, and lists of regulated chemicals

Other Formats

Loose-leaf paper format may also be available for some publications. Contact us or call 1-800-251-0381 for inquiries.
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