EHS Compliance Challenges

  • Locating and accessing full text for EHS legal requirements across multiple jurisdictions
  • Tracking frequent EHS legislative changes, including effective dates, efficiently and effectively
  • Obtaining information on jurisdictional differences relating to EHS legislation
  • Achieving confidence in audit results
  • Maintaining an effective EHS compliance program with limited staff and resources
  • Identifying EHS requirements applicable to specific operations
  • Scheduling and prioritizing EHS compliance tasks

Solution: STP Compliance Suite

STP RegHub (Regulatory compliance content) and STP AuditHub (audit content) 

A cloud-based single platform for EHS regulatory compliance and audit content for businesses across the globe  

Most reliable EHS audit content with the best depth, accuracy, and quality, written by Subject Matter Experts with a global footprint with over 100 years of experience collectively

Frequent tracking and updates to EHS regulatory compliance and audit content

EHS content specific to oil & gas, pipeline, metals & mining, petrochemical, chemical, manufacturing, construction, aviation & aerospace, transportation, power, and commercial & retail sectors.

Regulatory Compliance Content

STP RegHub

A continuously updated online library of environmental, health & safety, and transportation laws and regulations, complemented with regularly scheduled regulatory monitoring notifications

Flexibility and Efficiency

Flexible approach to the integration of STP RegHub’s metadata within Commercial EHS Software platforms and internally developed EHS management platforms

Ease of Use

Changes to regulations are published in different formats and update cycles, with an easy-to-use interface of mandatory information.

Extensive Search Capabilities

Extensive Search Capabilities allowing users to refine results according to specific domains, topics or jurisdictions.

Regulatory Change Update: Delivered Right to Your Inbox

Email notifications scheduled to be delivered at the User’s the preferred frequency for Topic and Citation monitoring, with detailed regulatory summaries and legal register activity

Full-Text Regulations

Demonstrate conformance to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 with access to full-text laws and regulations in one central location. Use key terms to search the library of full-text for relevant citations in seconds.

Global Regulatory Monitoring

Monthly monitoring of EHS content: International (25+ Countries)

Expert Audit Solutions

STP AuditHub

A unique value-added collection of comprehensive and practical audit and compliance guides that provides an accurate interpretation of regulatory requirements and their application

Audit and Compliance Guides

Comprehensive and practical audit and compliance guides provides accurate interpretation of regulatory requirements and their application


Readily identifiable state-level requirements


Excel export of STP audit content, with results dashboard

Pre-Audit Guidance

List of items to prepare prior to the audit 

RegCompare (new)

Select jurisdictions, topics and subtopics for a crosstab view of state differences from Federal requirements

Global Coverage

50+ Countries

100+ Jurisdictions

17+  Jurisdictions in Local Languages

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