STP Compliance Suite:

Delivering the Most Effective EHS Compliance Solutions around the globe! 

A cloud-based single platform for EHS regulatory compliance and audit content for businesses across the globe: STP RegHub (Regulatory compliance content) and STP AuditHub (audit content) 

Regulatory Compliance Content

STP RegHub

A continuously updated online library of environmental, health & safety, and transportation laws and regulations, complemented with regularly scheduled regulatory monitoring notifications

Compliance at Your Fingertips

Enjoy greater visibility, transparency and reporting with dynamic dashboard, which gives you real time compliance status on regulatory developments that impact your business.

Global Monitoring

Regulatory monitoring for a comprehensive selection of jurisdictions, including weekly monitoring for Canada and the U.S and monthly monitoring for all other jurisdictions. 

The breadth of EHS Regulatory Monitoring

Large breadth of full-text content – U.S federal EHS regulations, and statutes , Canada Federal, provincial, territorial acts and regulations.

Audit Content

STP AuditHub

A unique value-added collection of comprehensive and practical audit and compliance guides that provides an accurate interpretation of regulatory requirements and their application

Pre-Audit Guidance

Topical pre-audit preparation documents for review before the audit to save you time and ensure thorough evaluations for an effective EHS audit. 

Pocket Reference Guide

Downloaded app for Android and IOS devices to access audit content.

RegCompare (new)

Provides a way for users to select jurisdictions, topics and subtopics and enables a crosstab view of how/whether the selected states differ from the federal requirements in each subtopic.

single platform

A cloud-based single platform for EHS regulatory compliance and audit content for businesses across the globe

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Innovative solutions

STP’s Signature Tool – RegApply – used to generate audit protocols and Registers tailored to specific operations in minutes

Breadth and Depth

Comprehensive, up-to-date resources to ensure compliance and obtain guidance on key regulatory issues

system Software


Seamless integration of our audit and regulatory content with EHS Management System Software system Software system Software

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35+ years of experience combining best-in-class industry knowledge, innovative collective IT solutions and global EHS subject matter expertise.

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Latest News

EPA and Corps of Engineers finalize re-definition of “Waters of the United States”

On January 18, 2023, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) adopted revised definitions of “waters of the United States.” The Clean Water Act (CWA) empowers federal agencies to regulate activities that may affect “waters of the United States”—sometimes called “navigable waters.” These activities include water quality planning and discharge regulation by EPA and delegated states, and …

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US tightens federal standards for heavy-duty vehicles

On January 24, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published tighter standards for emissions from “heavy-duty” engines and vehicles, beginning with model year 2027. These new standards form the important first step toward implementation of EPA’s Clean Truck Plan, which has the ultimate goal of zero emissions from motor vehicles. The new standards are more than 80% stronger than current standards, which have been in place more than 20 years. These changes…

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California adopts nonemergency COVID vaccination and testing rules

Since 2021, occupational safety and health agencies have enacted a variety of rules addressing the workplace hazards of the COVID-19 pandemic. Agencies have generally used their emergency authority, which allow more administrative leeway to speed enactment but then require automatic expiration within months (although re-enactments are possible). I’ve written about a number of these efforts, including the federal Occupational Safety and…

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