Open The Website

Open STP ComplianceEHS website “Go to:” 

Select  either STP RegHub Login or STP AuditHub Login depending on your company subscription

Click on Sign Up Now

This will bring you to the Verification page shown below.

Enter Email Address

Enter email address and hit Send verification code  (It will be sent to you email in your inbox, however, do check your junk folder if you have not received within a couple of minutes.)

Enter The Code

Enter the code and hit Verify code

Enter a Password of Your Choice

Enter a password of your choice.  Your password should contain:  

Enter Your First (Given) Name, Last Name and Display Name

Enter your First (Given) Name and Last name and a Display name (your First Name).

Enter your company ID which has been assigned by STP to represent your company.

Select Create

Select Create. This should bring you into the  STP RegHub (STP AuditHub) Dashboard.  

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